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Fans of Pete McCullough!

I was listening to The Hands That Thieve earlier and I had a thought that I can’t believe I haven’t thought of yet. Since Pete is such a ridiculously good bassist, I wondered “Are there any other recordings of him playing besides SM albums??”

After some internet stalking, I found that he played bass on a record called “Transformed Conceptions” by Billy Carrion Jr. He only played on tracks 3, 4, 6, but at least it’s something.

Hearing the jazz side of him is really interesting and shows just how great of a musician he really is (not that his Streetlight lines don’t, but it’s great to hear him in a different setting/style). Here’s the iTunes link if anyone wants to check out the album:

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you're back!

I’ve been popping back in from time to time! It’s been so long since we’ve spoken, anon. How’ve you been?


Looks like they’re keeping their promise and playing a few festival shows. Hopefully more will be announced in other states. :’)

Thank You, Streetlight reflects on Streetlight Manifesto’s ten years of music in light of their recent hiatus. It’s an amateur documentary created by your fellow fans and aspiring artists. Thanks, Acknowledgements, and other information can be found here.


In the original video, there was a misspell in the credit sequence. I replaced the video above with the fixed version.

This is amazing. Thank you for making this.

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Well, I haven’t tumbled in over a month so I thought I’d log on and post an update on why I left so suddenly and what’s been going on in my life.

Last month I was feeling really overwhelmed with everything, and I felt that I needed to make some cutbacks in my life. I decided one of the biggest distractions for me is the internet, and the amount of time I tend to let myself sit on it. After strictly using social media only for needed communication and convenience for the past month, I’ve noticed a huge difference in the amount of time I now have to work on the things that I want to work on.

I’m going to college next year and am going to study jazz guitar and audio engineering. I’ve realized in the past year that I really want to pursue the guitar a lot more than I was in the beginning of high school. Just being able to strum a couple major and minor chords doesn’t really do it for me anymore, so the amount of study that I’ve now been putting in to my instrument has become pretty time consuming. I love it so much though and I’m starting to feel a lot more confident about my playing.

I feel like taking this time to refrain from the nonproductive aspects of my life is really going to benefit me in the long run and will help me become the musician that I want to be. With that, I guess I can say I’ve kind of moved on from my previous lifestyle of sitting on my ass all day and not thinking one bit about the future. I don’t know what happened in my life or if I’m just getting older, but I have more motivation than I’ve ever had in my entire life and I’m gonna run with it.

With all of that being said, I’m most likely going to continue to limit my time on here. I’m still going to log on from time to time though to see what you guys are up to, check my asks and see what’s up in the Streetlight tag. I’ve made a ton of great friends on this website and I’d hate to see these friendships fade away, so if anyone ever has something to tell me or wants to chat my ask is still always open!

Here’s to the next stages in all of our lives, whatever they may be. :D


I’m taking a little break from all social media. It distracts me too much from getting the things done that I need to get done, as it has been doing for years. I’ve become so accustomed to these sites that I don’t realize anymore how much time I’m really wasting on the internet. With that being said, I want to see again what it’s like to not be so “connected”. It’s not that I want to isolate myself, it’s that I want to only communicate with people directly rather than just using a “like” as a mean of communication. Ya dig?

I tried limiting my time on tumblr at the beginning of the school year and that didn’t really work. I really need to make a bigger effort this time to stop myself from using the internet so much so I can focus on my music and other things I have going on in my life. Stopping completely is the only way to assure this. Later guys, I’ll be back eventually.